Blue Gem Stone Mens Rings

Pricing Blue Gemstone Men's Rings

The popularity of mens blue gemstone rings has had little effect on the attitude of jewelers. Very few jewelers care to clearly explain the issues involved in choosing a blue gem stone men's ring. Assume that you had a budget fixed for your blue gem stone ring but, did not have a preference for any particular blue gem. If all you knew was blue sapphires, you would obviously look around for blue sapphire mens rings. This might be no problem if your budget was substantial but, if you needed a mens sapphire ring in the 1,000 U.S$ category you would not get much of a sapphire or much of a ring. This is because mens rings would normally require fairly large gems and the price of large sapphires can be prohibitive.

In such a case knowing that you had more modestly priced options for your mens blue gem ring would be helpful but, this could only happen if your jeweler cares to explain the details to you. A mens blue topaz ring would be much cheaper than a similar ring made with a blue sapphire gem stone. You would also have choice of a pale blue topaz (sky blue topaz), bright blue topaz (swiss blue topaz) or an impressive deep blue topaz (london blue topaz gem stone). Even sizes as large as 4 to 6 carats are reasonably cheap when it comes to blue topaz or white topaz.

Now assume that you wanted to get a blue lapis mens ring in gold or silver. Your jeweler should explain the properties of the gem stone to you. Blue lapis lazuli is not a very hard or durable gem, this means that it could damage much more easily as compared to blue sapphires or blue topaz gems. If you had a profession in which a lot of heavy physical activity is required, wearing a gold or sterling silver blue lapis gem stone ring is not recommended. Once again, lack of information from your jeweler would keep you in the dark, you might then make the wrong decision.

The Kaisilver report on blue gemstone rings for men has drawn attention in many fashion circles. While large jewelry houses and jewelry sales channels have shown grudges to the frank and open attitude of Kaisilver experts, the benefits of educating buyers is bound to please gem and jewelry buyers. Check out the report on mens blue gem stone rings at