Kunzite And Morganite Comparison.

It is true that the gemologists and gemstone sellers were aware of the color fade properties of Kunzite. But surprisingly, consumers were made aware of this occurence only after Kaisilver released it's detailed report on Kunzite. When you compare Morganite with Kunzite, the most important difference is that morganite does not fade it's color. On the other hand Kunzite fades when exposed to strong light or heated conditions. There is some talk about naturally colored kunzite not fading and 'treated' kunzite fading. This is sales talk rubbish that gem stone buyers should not believe. ALL kunzite will fade in color, this is the truth.

Morganite is generally a very pale pink in color, Kunzite on the other hand can be a deeper pink and might even show a shade of purple. Both morganite and kunzite are great gems and understanding their properties will help you take better care of the gems. For the technically minded, morganite belongs to the beryl group of gems. The most popular beryl group of gems is ofcourse emerald. The gemstone was named after the famous financier J.P Morganite. Unlike emeralds, morganite does not have the problem of pronounced inclusions and fissures and this ofcourse makes it stronger than emerald. In generald you could say that, morganite is a lighter shade of pink as compared to Kunzite.

Kunzite on the other hand was named after the famous gemologist George F.Kunz. When it comes to hardness, morganite is a bit harder than Kunzite. In the gemstone classifications, beryl gems are referred to as precious gems and Morganite would therefore be called precious gem. On the other hand, Kunzite is a semi-precious gem. As the knowledge and demand for natural gems increases, the differentiation between precious and semi-precious gems is getting to be irrelavant.

If you had to make a price comparison between morganite and kunzite, moganite would be priced higher than kunzite. Smaller sizes of morganite gems might not show much pink color as the gemstone is naturally very pale pink. Kunzite gems can take on a color shade that is a deeper pink and fairly decent colors can be seen in the 1.5 to carat gemstone sizes. When it comes to matching gem colors in jewelry, both Kunzite and Morganite rings are normally combined with pink tourmaline or pink sapphire accent gems.